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The PhoneSkope Lollipop Universal Smartphone Adapter


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The PhoneSkope Lollipop universal phone case takes phones that are up to 3.5″/89mm wide and 0.5″/12mm thick. Using the drop-down menu you can choose either a universal adapter or dedicated adapter for your specific model of telescope. The U1 Universal Adapter is for eyepieces measuring between 1.2″ and 1.8″ and the U2 Universal Adapter is for eyepieces measuring between 1.7″ and 2.3″, while the Lollipop Universal Phone Case will take phones that are up to 3.5″/89mm wide and 0.5″/12mm thick. Please use the table below to find out which adapter you require for your sepcific model of teelscope and then select it using the drop-down menu above.

Brand Model Size
Swarovski ATX/STX Modular 2.34″/59.44mm
ATS/ATM 25-50x 2.17″/55.12mm
ATS/ATM 20-60x (2009 onwards models) 2.17″/55.12mm
ATS/ATM 20-60x (pre-2009 models) 2.19″/55.63mm
ATS/ATM with 30xSW or 45xSW eyepieces 1.98″/50.3mm
AT80/ST80 (grey body) with original 20-60x 1.85″/46.99mm
EL 42mm/50mm Swarovision & 42mm Rangefinder Binoculars 1.65″/41.91mm
EL 32mm Swarovision, 42mm SLC & BTX Module Binoculars 1.57″/39.87mm
Leica APO 65mm/82mm 25-50x 2.25″/57.15mm
77mm/62mm older silver bodied models with 32xW/20xW eyepieces 2.07″/52.58mm
Trinovid HD & Ultravid 42mm/50mm Binoculars 1.56″-1.64″/39.62mm-41.66mm
Geovid 10×42 HD-B Binoculars 1.78″/45.3mm
Zeiss Harpia 85mm/95mm with zoom eyepieces 2.03″/51.56mm
Gavia 85mm with zoom eyepieces 2.06″/52.32mm
Diascope 65mm/85mm 15-56x/20-75x 2.37″/60.12mm
Older 30x/40x eyepieces 1.90″/48.26mm
Older 15-45x/20-60x eyepieces 2.20″/55.9mm
Victory HT/Victory SF Binoculars 1.65″/41.91mm
Kowa 770/880 with 20-60x/25-60x/30xW eyepieces 2.19″/55.63mm
820/820M with 32xW/20-60x (fold down rubber eyecup) eyepieces 1.78″/45.21mm
820/820M with 20-60x (twist up eyecup) eyepieces 1.98″/50.3mm
820/820M with 32xW (twist up eyecup) eyepieces 1.98″/50.3mm
600/660/82SV with 20-60x (twist up eyecup) eyepieces 1.98″/50.3mm
600/660/82SV with 30xW (twist up eyecup) eyepieces 1.98″/50.3mm
550 15-45x (twist up eyecup) 1.98″/50.3mm
Vortex Razor HD 27-60×85/22-48×65 (new models) 2.24″/56.89mm
Razor HD 20-60×85/16-48×65 (original models) 2.19″/55.63mm
Razor HD 11-33×50 1.70″/43.2mm
Viper HD 15-45×65/20-60×85 (2018 models) 2.22″/56.5mm
Viper HD 65mm/80mm with zoom eyepieces (original models) 1.90″/48.26mm
Diamondback HD 16-48×65/20-60×85 (2020 models)
Diamondback 20-60×80 (pre 2016 models) 1.78″/45.21mm
Diamondback 20-60×80 (2016 onwards models) 2.01″/51.05mm
Diamondback 20-60×60 (pre 2016 models) 1.70″/43.2mm
Diamondback 20-60×60 (2016 onwards models) 1.716″/43.59mm
Razor HD, Viper HD, Vulture HD, Diamondback & Crossfire 42/50mm Binoculars 1.65″/41.91mm
Fury HD Rangefinder Binoculars 1.78″/45.3mm
Opticron HDF-T Zoom Lens 1.96″/49.78mm
SDL v2 Zoom Lens 2.01″/51.05mm
SDL v3/HR3 Zoom Lens 2.06″/52.32mm
DBA VHD/Countryman BGA HD Binoculars 1.65″/41.91mm
Hawke Endurance 16-48x/20-60x (older models) & Frontier ED 2.01″/51.05mm
Endurance ED 13-39x/15-45x/27-75x (newer models) 2.01″/51.05mm
Endurance 12-36×50 (ED & Non-ED) 1.78″/45.21mm
Naturetrek scopes with rubber eyecup folded down (2017 models) 2.07″/52.58mm
Naturetrek scopes with rubber eyecup folded down (pre-2017 models) 1.70″/43.2mm
Panorama/Sapphire ED 2.24″/56.89mm
Nikon MC2 Zoom Eyepiece models 1.86″/47.24mm
MC Wide Fixed Magnification Eyepiece models 1.94″/49.28mm
Prostaff 16-48x/20-60x 2.20″/55.9mm
EDG 20-60x/16-48x 2.46″/62.48mm
Celestron Mini Mak C70 1.658″/42.11mm
Regal M2 2.06″/52.32mm
Ultima 1.70″/43.18mm
Trailseeker 1.81″/46mm
Vanguard Endeavour 65A/82A with Zoom Lenses & XF 80A with Zoom Lens 2″/50.9mm
Viking AV80 ED 20-60x 2.01″/51.05mm
Meopta Meopta S1 with Zoom Eyepiece 1.74″/44.16mm
Meostar S2 with Zoom Eyepiece 1.93″/49.02mm
Additional information

1.57"/39.87mm, 1.65"/41.91mm, 1.7"/43.2mm, 1.716"/43.59mm, 1.74"/44.16mm, 1.78"/45.3mm, 1.81"/46mm, 1.85"/46.99mm, 1.86"/47.24mm, 1.9"/48.26mm, 1.93"/49.02mm, 1.94"/49.28mm, 1.96"/49.78mm, 1.98"/50.3mm, 2.01"/51.05mm, 2.03"/51.56mm, 2.06"/52.32mm, 2.07"/52.58mm, 2.17"/55.12mm, 2.19"/55.63mm, 2"/50.9mm, 2.2"/55.9mm, 2.22"/56.5mm, 2.24"/56.89mm, 2.25"/57.15mm, 2.34"/59.44mm, 2.37"/60.12mm, 2.46"/62.48mm, No adapter required

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