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HIKMICRO Habrok 4K HE25L 60mm Multi-spectrum binoculars

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The HIKMICRO Habrok 4K HE25L 60mm Multi-spectrum binoculars are compact thermal binoculars that feature a 35mk 284X182px sensor to provide performance at a stunning entry level price. The Habrok HE25L thermal has a magnesium alloy design with rubber side inserts for added grip and the unit is designed in a compact body style.

Multi spectral functionality now comes to the Habrok series, the Habrok features a 3840px resolution 4K day and night sensor with incredible low light colour ability and night vision capability, this is further enhanced by the inbuilt fully adjustable IR illuminator.

The compact design of the Habrok also has a 1000m LRF system to accurately measure distance during the day or night.

The HIKMICRO Habrok 4K HE25L 60mm Multi-spectrum binoculars battery system utilises twin 18650 battery cells that powers the unit up to 6 hours and can be replaced quickly. All Habrok units are supplied with four battery cells and an associated charger device, so you have a backup readily available.

Integrated recording functions now also include dual audio, images and video are captured and stored on the internal memory. The HikMicro Habrok HE35L thermal binoculars also stream directly to the HIK Sight app, all media and images can be accessed via this and associated firmware updates can be applied in minutes.

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  • Thermal Sensor : 284 X 192 <35mk
  • Pixel Pitch : 12 micron
  • Optical Sensor : 3840px day/night
  • Inbuilt adjustable IR illuminator
  • Focal Length: 60mm (Optical Lens)
  • Focal Length: 25mm F1.0 (Germanium Lens)
  • Detection: 1200m
  • Magnification: 5.3 x Thermal – 5.5 x Optical
  • FOV Thermal: 7.0° × 5.3°/12.2 m × 9.3 m
  • FOV Optical : 6.9°× 4.1°/12.0 m × 7.2 m
  • Display: Dual OLED 1024 x 768px
  • Inbuilt 1000m LRF
  • Digital Magnification: 4x
  • WIFI: Hik Sight App
  • Recording with Audio
  • Storage : 64GB
  • Power: x2 18650 upto 6 hrs runtime
  • Warranty: 3 years
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