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GXM XTX-1C Stereo 20x Microscope


The GXM XTX-1C 20x Stereo Microscope is perfect for young enthusiasts, schools and colleges thanks to its simple design, single magnification and high quality glass optics.


The GXM XTX-1C Stereo 20x Microscope provides great value for the high performance it provides. It is a single magnification microscope which can have a range of auxiliary objectives and eyepieces inserted to achieve different magnifications. Each microscope is equipped with high quality glass optics, a sturdy metal stand and built-in top and bottom halogen lamp illumination.

The GXM XTX-1C Stereo 20x Microscope is designed for observations of small objects such as entomological collections, pond dipping, plant material, microfossils, rocks and industrial inspection. The simplicity of design and robustness of build makes it particularly suitable for use by the young enthusiast and in schools and colleges. The microscope’s low cost also cements it as an excellent choice for schools, colleges, industry and research.

Every microscope is equipped with a pair of objectives mounted in a removable, rectangular objective cartridge and a pair of wide-field eyepieces. The binocular head is mounted on the focus mechanism which, in turn is mounted on a vertical pillar, and the head can be moved up the pillar to accommodate larger specimens. The head has interpupillary distance adjustment and the left eyepiece has diopter adjustment, making the microscope suitable for prolonged use without undue eyestrain.

The table below shows the magnification and field of view with various eyepieces and objectives:


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