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Night Vision

Night vision products operate by using either an image-intensifier tube (analogue) or an electronic sensor (digital).

This is to amplify the minimal amounts of light present in dark environments to produce a bright image.

Monochromatic green or greyscale images are usually produced, however newer models can capture colour images.

When choosing a night vision device (NVD), there are a few specifications you should consider:

  • Viewing range – the distance which you can see and distinguish objects. Lower-end NVD’s will typically have a viewing range of around 200m, whereas higher-end models can achieve ranges of up to 500m.
  • Analogue  – Gen 1 analogue scopes are the most economic but have a limited range (approximately 75m), lower resolution and limited field of view. Gen 2 and 2+ scopes offer performance improvements such as longer range, better image resolution and greater field of view.
  • Digital – these models typically produce higher quality images than Gen 1 devices and usually have a video output or SD card to allow video capture.
  • IR illumination – increases the brightness of the image it takes.

Please contact us if you require assistance on choosing the right product for your needs; we are always happy to help.

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