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OS Wild 4KDS Solar Max Wi-Fi Trail Camera


OS WILD 4K DS Trail Camera – The class leading dual sensor trail camera with stunning night imagery and video.



The brand new OS Wild 4KDS Solar Max Wi-Fi Trail Camera features a huge step up in night image quality with the addition of a dedicated 13 megapixel Sony sensor. This gives a huge improvement over all other trail cameras currently on the market.

By using a larger sensor with high resolution and a fast aperture lens the image quality of this trail camera is unsurpassed.

This trail camera also features class leading specification and build quality to capture stunning images, 4K 30FPS video and a built in colour 2.5″ display.

With IP66 waterproofing, 0.35 second trigger time, 20 metre night vision IR range, 120 degree field of view and 8-12 month standby time with 8 AA batteries the OS Wild 4KDS Max Wi-Fi Trail Camera provides the user with a trail camera they can rely on.

This trail camera features built in Wi-Fi for watching wildlife in real time, transferring photos and video to your phone/tablet, and changing camera settings remotely.

Finally, and for the first time, this trail camera features a built-in solar panel. We have extensively tested this solar panel and a battery life of 3 years between charges is achievable in the right conditions.

At The One Stop Nature Shop we have extensively tested the camera and in these tests it consistently outperformed all other trail cameras.

We are excited to be the first in the UK to offer this trail camera and provide full after sales support for peace of mind.

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Key Specifications

  • Up to 48MP images by day (From interpolated 13mp SONY sensor)
  • Up to 8MP images by night (From interpolated 2mp sensor)
  • 4K 30fps video with sound (day)
  • 1080P 30fps video with sound (night)
  • Built-in solar panel for class leading battery life of over 12 months in normal use
  • 0.35 second trigger speed
  • 120 degree motion detection
  • 45 No Glow LED with IR flash of 23 metres
  • Night motion detection of 20 metres
  • Up to 512GB SD card compatibility
  • 3 photo burst mode
  • 8-12 month standby time
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Temperature, date and moon phase imprint
  • -20-60oC operating temperature

To download our user manual start guide please click the green box below. This guide will assist you in getting your trail camera set up for initial use.

Additional information

£59 Solar Panel, No

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What batteries should I use?

All our trail cameras take AA batteries. A minimum of 4 is required but 8 can be used to increase battery life.

Energiser Lithium batteries have proven the best performing.

We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries.

How does the Wi-Fi in my trail camera work?

The Wi-fi connection on compatible cameras (4K Solar + 4K DS Max) is a direct connection between the trail camera and your phone/tablet. You must download the “Game Camera Pro” app from the google play store/apple store.

This works at approximately a 30 metre range and allows you to transfer images and video, change settings, and view action in real time.

A connection to your home broadband is not required. Please ensure your mobile data is turned off before attempting to connect to the App.

Real time viewing is only recommended in short intervals as this can have a significant drain on the batteries.

My camera has little blue covers on the sensors

The blue covers are removable films which protect parts of the camera during storage. Please remove these before use.

How many photos/videos will my 32GB card hold?

This will vary slightly depending on your trail camera model. However, typically a 32GB SD/micro SD card will hold approximately 3500 photos and 1 hour 25 minutes of video at highest resolutions.

All our cameras can be used with higher capacity SD/Micro SD cards if needed.

What does shot lag mean?

Shot lag refers to the time between photos/videos being recorded. There can be a lot of trial and error to get the correct balance between recording enough footage and not using up the batteries too quickly.

Every situation is different and it is worth trying different settings to see what works best for you.

Where can I place the camera?

Non Solar models can be placed almost anywhere. We recommend no less than 30cm (1 foot) from the floor to avoid infra red bounce back causing the images to become very over exposed.

Solar models do perform best in direct sunlight but can still charge in areas of shade.

Avoid placing the camera over long grass as due can gather on the front of the camera causing it to not activate.

I can hear a clicking sound from the camera

Cameras with one sensor (HD+, HD+ Solar, 4K Solar) have a filter which switches the camera between day and night mode when light levels reach a certain point.

When setting up the camera you may hear a clicking sound if you cover the sensor with your hand. This is normal.

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