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Leica S Apo Stereo microscope with dual LED gooseneck stand


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Leica S Apo Stereo microscope with dual LED gooseneck stand


Leica Microsystems optical instruments have a worldwide reputation among researchers for innovation, performance, value, ergonomics and precision. The Leica S Apo Stereo microscope with dual LED gooseneck stand in Leica ErgoDesign® once again proves their technological edge. The Leica S Apo Stereo microscope with dual LED gooseneck stand is the first 100% apochromatic, planar stereomicroscope with a Greenough optical system. It offers unparalleled contrast, image sharpness, resolution, clarity, colour fidelity and reproduction precision for faster, more efficient investigation. Leica S APO effectively offers more than any other stereo microscope with a Greenough optical system – for an astonishingly favourable price.

Unparalleled: 300 line pairs/mm resolution plus 70 μm depth of field at 80x magnification

The apochromatic correction of the Leica S APO lens system delivers users precise detail information of fine, low-contrast structures such as animal cells, insects, microorganisms, plant cilia or foraminifera. Of all Greenough stereomicroscopes, the Leica S APO provides an 8:1 zoom range, the highest maximum magnification, the largest numerical aperture, the highest resolution, peerless 70-micron depth of field and 10% larger object fields with the 10×/23 wide-field eyepieces.

Leica S APO features

  • Ergonomic 10×/23 wide-field eyepieces for maximum observation comfort
  • Ergonomic 38° viewing angle for a relaxed posture
  • Well-positioned zoom magnification changer, parfocal and parcentric
  • Apochromatic objectives 0.63x, 1.6x, 2x
  • Integrated 100% video/photo port
  • Fully apochromatic, distortion-free Greenough optical/zoom system for best possible resolution, contrast, imaging and colour fidelity

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