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Kowa TSN-88A Prominar Spotting Scope



The Kowa 883 is possibly one of the very best value for money top end spotting scopes on the market currently. Its compact size for a large format telescope and comparative light weight combined with exceptional resolution make it a scope that has to be considered for those interested in making a top end purchase.




Kowa is a renowned expert in the field of optics, creating optics and spotting scopes with the intention to provide a crystal clear optical experience, allowing you to observe and enjoy the natural world in its truest vibrancy and colour. Their latest optical advancements can be found in their new Kowa TSN-88A Prominar Spotting Scope. This zoom kit comes with a TE-11WZ II 25-60x wide zoom eyepiece, the addition of this eyepiece allows you to enjoy additional focal length. Making it great for observing birds and creatures far away, an ideal feature if you are hoping not to disturb any creature’s habitat.

Pure Flurote crystal

The TSN-88 PROMINAR spotting scope has been designed with pure fluorite crystal, which enables the scope to deliver a pure rendition of natural colour from the entire colour spectrum. These high-quality optics are free of negative optical distractions.

Improved Unique optical coating

Kowa has applied its new and improved unique optical coating to both the lens and prism contained within the TSN-88 scope. This coating has been improved to deliver a higher level of light wavelength transmission to be successfully processed by the lens. This ultimately helps to produce true-to-life colour. Optics that can’t process the full light spectrum can often display their image in either overly cool or warm final image that doesn’t match with the real-life image.

Dual tripod mounting system

Designed with a dual tripod mounting system, allowing you to securely attach your scope to a tripod mounting plate via two securing screws.

95mm filter thread

The scope has been constructed with a 95mm filter thread. Allowing you to connect the TP-95FT filter to the end of your scope, helping to protect the lens from dust, dirt, grease and other foreign objects.


With a simple twist, the sunshade can be applied to the scope. Assisting in reducing the glare from the sun and reducing the exposure of the objective to elements such as moisture, grit and sand. This ultimately allows for a better viewing experience during overly sunny weather.

Unique KR Coating

The great outdoors can be filled with beautiful moments and great opportunities to spot wildlife, but stopping to wipe away the dirt, moisture and dust from the lens of your scope constantly can hinder the experience. Kowa has applied their unique KR coating to the lens of the TSN-88, this coating actively repels dirt, moisture and dust, helping to prevent it from building up on the surface of your lens.

Twist up Eyepiece

The PROMINAR TSN-88 has been created with a new TSN-CV88A eyepiece. This eyepiece has a protection cap with a new twist-up design. This helps to provide you with full eye-relief functionality. This allows you to protect the lens of your chosen eyepiece from the elements.

Magnesium alloy body

The body of the TSN-88 PROMINAR has a full 100% magnesium alloy body construction. This increases the scope’s ability to endure the elements and copes better with knocks and scrapes that might occur when trekking with the scope. This added strength doesn’t mean you have to compromise on weight, the magnesium alloy allows the scope to still retain a lightweight body.

100%  waterproof

A fully sealed outer body helps to protect the lenses and prism from the effect of moisture. This scope is 100% waterproof and nitrogen filled, this helps to prevent misting or fogging that can occur in damp conditions with other optics.

Dual Focus system

Engineered to provide ultimate control over your optic, the TSN-88 scope has been designed with a dual focus system. Quick focus and dine focus can be used to quickly focus on your subject and then use pin-point fingertip control, offering the ultimate in focussing accuracy.

Compatible with Kowa system accessory range

The Kowa TSN-88A Prominar Spotting Scope has been designed with an accessory collar and bayonet mount that is 100% compatible with the Kowa System accessory range. This compatibility allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want to set up your TSN-88 scope. This versatility makes this scope ideal to use in any situation. While the zoom kit does come with the TE-11WZ II 25-60x wide zoom eyepiece, you can easily use any eyepiece on this scope that is compatible with the Kowa accessory range.


Sometimes you want to capture moments in nature to look back on in the future. Digiscoping has become increasingly popular amongst the Sporting optics community. This lens is compatible with the TSN-DA10 and TSN-PA7A digiscoping adapters.  Capture detailed, magnified images of the natural world with ease with your mobile.

Key features:

  • 88mm Pure Fluorite Crystal Objective Lens
  • Dual Focus
  • Ideal for digiscoping
  • Suitable for nature and bird watching

What’s  in the box:

  • Kowa TSN -88A Prominar spotting scope body
  • Te-11WZ II 25-60x wide zoom eyepiece.

Key Features

  • TE-11WZ II 25-60x wide zoom eyepiece
  • 88mm Pure Fluorite Crystal Objective
  • Dual Focus
  • Ideal for digiscoping
  • Suitable for nature and bird watching
  • Compatible with Kowa system accessories
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Unique KR Coating
  • 95mm filter thread
  • Dual tripod mounting system

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Please note the Kowa TSN-88A spotting scope does not come with a stay-on case as standard. Please add one using the drop down menu near the top of the page. (RRP £199.00)

Additional information
Stay-on case

Neoprene Stay-on case, No

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