How does the Wi-Fi in my trail camera work?

The Wi-fi connection on compatible cameras (4K Solar + 4K DS Max) is a direct connection between the trail camera and your phone/tablet. You must download the “Game Camera Pro” app from the google play store/apple store.

This works at approximately a 30 metre range and allows you to transfer images and video, change settings, and view action in real time.

A connection to your home broadband is not required. Please ensure your mobile data is turned off before attempting to connect to the App.

Real time viewing is only recommended in short intervals as this can have a significant drain on the batteries.

What does shot lag mean?

Shot lag refers to the time between photos/videos being recorded. There can be a lot of trial and error to get the correct balance between recording enough footage and not using up the batteries too quickly.

Every situation is different and it is worth trying different settings to see what works best for you.

Where can I place the camera?

Non Solar models can be placed almost anywhere. We recommend no less than 30cm (1 foot) from the floor to avoid infra red bounce back causing the images to become very over exposed.

Solar models do perform best in direct sunlight but can still charge in areas of shade.

Avoid placing the camera over long grass as due can gather on the front of the camera causing it to not activate.