Stereo Microscope Owl Pellet Dissection Kit

Stereo Microscope Owl Pellet Dissection Kit

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Complete Owl Stereo Microscope Dissection Kit

The kit comprises

Stereo 3D Microscope with built in illumination

Barn Owl Trust Owl Dissection Kit

FSC Owls and Pellets Chart

2 Waltex Magnifiers


Stereo XTX-1C 20x magnification Microscope -

This is classed as a single magnification microscope but is expandable up to 70x by means of different magnification eyepieces and auxillary objectives. Supplied with wide field 10x eyepieces and a 2x objective, giving 20x magnification, this is the ideal specification for carrying out dissection of bird pellets, in particular owl pellets. The microscope is equipped with high quality glass, a sturdy metal stand and built in top and bottom halogen lamp illumination. The simplicity of design and robustness of build makes it particularly suitable for use by the young enthusiast and in schools and colleges. The binocular head is mounted on the focus mechanism which, in turn is mounted on a vertical pillar. The head can be moved up the pillar to accommodate larger specimens. The head has interpupillary distance adjustment and the left eyepiece has a diopter adjustment. This makes the microscope suitable for prolonged use without undue syestrain.


Barn owl Trust Dissection Kit -

contains everything required to dissect a Barn Owl Pellet, in fact any bird pellet.

The kit contains: Tweezers, Magnifier, Wooden Probe, Gloves, Safety Sheet and an Analysis Leaflet. In addition there are sample Barn Owl Pellets.


FSC Guide to British Owls and Owl Pellets -

The chart is both an identification guide to Owls and a practical resource for investigating Owl Pellets. There are paintings of the five resident British Owls with lifestyle information. There are descriptions of the different pellets produced by owls and other birds and a systematic key to the contents of Owl Pellets, including complete skulls, jaws, teeth and other recognisable bones and animal parts.


Waltex Magnifiers -

In addition to the magnifier contained in the Dissection kit, our kit also includes two Waltex stand along magnifiers. These high quality magnifiers are designed to be free standing to allow observation of pellets and other specimens. There is a 3x circular magnifier and a 4x Z Loupe magnifier.



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