Pulsar Digiforce Digital Night Vision 6.5x50

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The Pulsar Digiforce 860 VS is an upgrade to the now discontinued RECON 870. It comes equipped with a better CCD sensor, video-out and external power supply ports, an improved metal battery case fastener (as the plastic one in the older Recon 870 was prone to breaking), a better runtime (9 to 12 hrs), more magnification (6.5x) and a scale-based range finder. The quality is great and it’s very easy to use. But the best part is it’s price; at £249.95 it’s a lot cheaper than the model it replaces. And it’s a lot better! So win, win for you.

The Digiforce 860 VS is a compact and lightweight Digital Night Vision Monocular. Offering great performance, the unit is resistant to bright light exposure, making it ideal for a wide range of applications and featuring a 6.5x magnification. This provides a detection range of up to 275m depending on environmental conditions and the highly sensitive CCD array in combination with the latest software enables the Digiforce 860VS to be used in very low light environments without using the built-in covert eyesafe 810nm IR illuminator. The 640x480 LCD display provides a crisp and detailed images even in sub-zero temperatures and the underside of the unit also has a video-out port.


The Digiforce 860VS features a mount fitting which combines a ¼" tripod socket (to enable tripod mounting), a Weaver short rail to enable mounting different accessories, including; auxiliary IRs, sound amplification, EPS battery packs and other systems.




Built-in invisible laser IR Illuminator for covert observation

Large high resolution display

Sensitive CCD array

Long Viewing Range

Distortion-free Eyepiece Enhancing Image Sharpness/Contrast

High Aperture Lens (F/d=1.0)

High Resolution

Compact & Lightweight

Video Output

Resistant to Bright Light Exposure (suitable for daytime set-up)