Binocular Stereo Microscope- FREE 1.3MP USB Camera (Optional 3MP or 5MP) *SPECIAL OFFER*

Binocular Stereo Microscope- FREE 1.3MP USB Camera (Optional 3MP or 5MP) *SPECIAL OFFER*

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A great combination of our highly popular XTX1C stereo microscope and eyepiece camera.  Just plug it into your PC or Mac to see stunning images of your specimens.  Simple to use, amazing value.

Microscope Description

  • Hobbyist & Teaching Grade Microscope
  • Binocular Head
  • 2x objective as standard
  • Magnification expandable to 120x with additional eyepieces and objectives
  • 10X Eyepiece
  • Top & Bottom illumination
  • Height adjustable head
  • Range of Accessories

Features and Specifications

The XTX series stereo microscopes provide great value for such high performance.  These are classed as single magnification microscopes which can have a range of auxiliary objectives and eyepieces inserted to achieve different magnifications.

Each microscope is equipped with high quality glass optics, a sturdy metal stand and built-in top and bottom halogen lamp illumination. 

The microscopes are designed for observations of small objects such as entomological collections, pond dipping, plant material, microfossils, rocks and industrial inspection. 

The simplicity of design and robustness of build makes it particularly suitable for use by the young enthusiast and in schools and colleges.

Every microscope is equipped with a pair of objectives mounted in a removable, rectangular objective cartridge and a pair of wide-field eyepieces.

The binocular head is mounted on the focus mechanism which, in turn is mounted on a vertical pillar. 

The head can be moved up the pillar to accommodate larger specimens.

The head has interpupillary distance adjustment and the left eyepiece has diopter adjustment.  This makes the microscope suitable for prolonged use without undue eyestrain.

Camera Description (1.3MP)


  • Digital imaging module: Wider dynamic range 1.3MP imaging module; 
  • Imaging software: Future Win Joe microscopic imaging program;
  • Optical matching: Built-in relay lens and field lens;
  • Camera house: compact and light-weight round-shaped shell.


To update any type of optics microscope into digital microscope and to Increase the value of your microscope by adding powerful digital capability. It’s an affordable imaging solution for microscopy in industry, education, medicine and science.


  • To capture images for living show, for shoot and for video recording;
  • To adjust the gain, resolution, WB, contras, exposure time, RGB color and Gamma setting;
  • To edit pictures and to manage files of pictures and movies.


  • Easy installation, convenient operation;                  
  • Built-in relay lens to widen field and to have image sharp and bright;
  • Compatibility with Win/MAC;
  • High resolution of 1280*1024 for preview, picture shoot and video recording;
  • Real active resolution, no interpolation, no jaggies in picture;
  • Copyright software with 8 languages version.

Specifications 1.3MP:

Capture Mode

Picture and Video

Active pixels



1.0V/ lux-sec

Dynamic Range


S/N Ratio


Spectral Range

400-650nm(with IR-filter)

Frame Rate


Preview Model

1280x1024,1280x800,1024x768,800x600, 640x480,



ERS or Manual

Power Consumption


Eyepiece Adapter Size

23.2mm, 30.0mm

Power Supply

USB Powered

Device Weight


Device Size


Cable length


Function of Software

Image & video Capture, Edit and Management

PC Requirements

CPU: Inter Core2, 2.8GHz or Higher; Memory: 2GBor More;

USB Port:USB2.0 High-speed Port


OPTIONAL 3MP and 5MP Camera Specifications


Active pixels

2048*1536 (3MP)

2592*1944 (5MP)


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