GXM ST50B Long Reach Stereo Microscope

GXM ST50B Long Reach Stereo Microscope

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The ST-50B microscope is ideal for those inspection tasks requiring plenty of room between the microscope and the object under observation.  This microscope includes a set of remarkable objectives that can give 230 – 250 mm working distance.

The image presented to the observer is clear, bright and sharp.  For maximum comfort the interocular distance is adjustable and the left eyepiece allows dioptre adjustment of up to +/-5dp. 

In addition, the basic stand (included in the price) allows you to adjust not only the position but also the tilt angle of the head. This means that the widest number of people can use this microscope comfortably over prolonged viewing periods.  The microscopes include a 12V 10W lamp built into the head.

This microscope is compatible with GX Microscopes’ L1, L2 and L3 illumination systems for those requiring the greatest flexibility in microscope positioning and object illumination.

To record or display an image from this microscope GX Microscopes’ DCE-1 digital eyepiece camera can be easily attached.

This microscope has been specifically designed for workplace environments such as electronics assembly, jewellery work, component checking and inspection and precious stone examination.

• Binocular 45deg Head

• 10X Eyepieces + Optional 20X & Reticle Scale

• Boom Arm Articulated Stand

• Pair 2X 3D LWD Objectives, Optional 1X,3.5X

• 20X Max. Magnification Expandable to 70X

• Articulated Top Illumination


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