Kowa TSN 553 Quick Review

Kowa TSN 550 series – First Impressions



Model reviewed: Kowa TSN 553

Price as reviewed- £1599.00

First Impressions

The Kowa TSN 553 arrived with us at The One Stop Nature Shop on 17th August 2017 and here are our first impressions. 

The first thing that grabs you is the superb build quality, there has clearly been a lot of investment into making sure the scope is robust and is built to last.

All the mechanics are spot on as well. Course and fine focusing are featured and both are smooth and accurate and allow for perfect focus to be achieved with little effort. Likewise the eyepiece eye cup retracts and extends in a smooth manner and rotating the zoom through its 15-45x magnification is easy. 

A quick view through the scope shows fantastic sharpness right through the zoom range with just a slight softening at the extreme edges. Brightness, contrast and clarity are all superb and the optics have that typical Kowa neutrality in terms of colour of the image. 


We will be producing a full field review of the TSN 553 shortly but initial impressions are of a spotting scope which fills a niche in a superb manner and definitely follows the recent trend of superb Kowa spotting scopes.