Kite Optics are a Belgian family run company who begin producing fine optical instruments in 1992. 

Kite Optics utilise the best binoculars and telescopes available then add their own finishing touches to maximise peformance at their headquarters in Belgium. This ensures every Kite product is made to the highest quality and build quality is second to none. 

Backed up by a comprehensive 30 year warranty all Kite products represent superb value for money and are a fantastic alternative to traditional class leading binoculars and telescopes. 

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Kite SP 80 HD with 25-50x zoom eyepiece

80mm scope from Kite with incredibly wide FOV, lightning fast focusing speed and 3.8m close focus

£2,399.00 *
Available to order

Kite SP-82 Spotting Scope with zoom

The Kite SP-82 provides wonderfully bright images and is surprisingly lightweight for an 82mm scope at just 1700g

From £898.00 *
Available to order

Kite SP-82 ED 25-50

ED fluorite optics esnure chromatic abberation is kept to a minimum and Kite's dual focus wheel allows for quick and precise focusing

£999.00 *
Available to order

Kite SP-65 + 17-50

Extremely compact 65mm scope from Kite offering their fluorite optics in a much more lightweight form than the 80mm and 82mm models

£399.00 *
In stock

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