OS Scientific Educational Packages

OS Scientific Educational Packages

At The One Stop Nature Shop we are always looking to work with educational organisations in order to provide an exciting range of equipment which can inspire future generations to get closer to nature.

We have created a series of educational and engaging microscope packages which offer not only a high quality microscope but also the ability to display images of specimens to a large audience via our range of USB eyepiece cameras.

All of these packages feature a massive saving of up to 40% on buying the products seperately. To view these packages please click the icons below.  


All educational organisations get a 15% discount on our range of microscopes below by using the following code in our basket: 15%discount 

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Biological Monocular Upright Microscope GXM L1000A

£259.00 *
SRP £269.00
Still in stock

GXM ST50B Long Reach Stereo Microscope

£392.00 *
SRP £362.00
In stock

GXM XTL3101 stereo zoom microscope

Ex Demo XTL3 101 Stereo 3D zoom microscope (as new)

£519.00 *
SRP £749.00
Available to order

GXM XTL3T101LED Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

£749.00 *
SRP £757.99
In stock

Stereo Microscope Owl Pellet Dissection Kit

Complete Owl Stereo Microscope Dissection Kit

£159.00 *
In stock

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