Dino-Lite TV/VGA range

For working in environments where you do not want to use a computer, or when a real-time video stream is required, a Dino-Lite with DVI, VGA or direct TV connection might be the best solution.

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Dino-Lite AM4112PT TV connection Digital Microscope

The Dino-Lite AM4112PT is connected to the television (PAL) instead of USB. This can be a major advantage in situations where real time images are vital, such as working on PCB's or other miniature objects.

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Dino-Lite AM4116T VGA connection Digital Microscope

The Dino-Lite AM4116T connects directly to a VGA screen via a VGA (D-SUB) connector. It offers a high frame rate of up to 60fps at 800x600 resolution and has enhanced low light visibility so you can see clearly in any situation. 

£275.00 *
In stock

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