Dino-Lite High Magnification Range

The Dino-Lite high magnification range features models with magnificatons exceeeding 200x and offer magnifications of 400x. 500x or even a dazzling 900x. Microscopes in ths range offer an image resolution of either 1.3mp or 5mp

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Dino-Lite AM7013MZT4 5MP, 400-470X Digital Microscope with Polariser

This 5M pixel, 400x, polarizing model offers the highest magnification in the Dino-Lite range. When used with the 2x operating mode this model offers the user up to 800x of magnification (~0.5mm field of view).

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Dino-Lite AM4113T5 500x 1.3mp Digital Microscope

The Dino-Lite Pro AM4113T5 provides all the features of the standard AM413T but uses high magnification 500x optics to allow even more detailed inspection. Primarily designed for contact inspection this model offers the ideal solution where high magnification inspection is required.

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Dino-Lite AM4013ZT4 1.3MP, 400-470x mag Digital Microscope with polariser

The AM4013ZT4 was designed for professional users who demand high magnification (x470), sharp picture quality as well as access to comprehensive measurement functions.

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