Cameras for Microscope Eyepiece Tubes

Microscope eyepiece cameras replace one of the removable eyepieces from the microscope and are inserted down the empty eyepiece tube. If you do not have a camera port on your microscope this is the best way to view images.

These cameras can be supplied with adapters to fit eyepiece tubes with the following internal diameters:

23.2mm (most low to medium priced biological slide micrsoscopes have this size tube)

30.0mm (most low to medium priced stereo micrsocopes have this size tube)

30.5mm (a few low to medium priced stereo microscopes have this size tube)


There are really just two formats of these cameras:

1. Dedicated eyepiece tube cameras.

2. C-Mount cameras with eyepiece adapters. GX Cams are a good  example of this type and come in a range of magnifications and differing resolution.

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GXCAM-DM800 Wrap around 8MP Eyepiece Camera

GXCAM-DM800 GXCAM-DM800 Unique Wrap-Around 8MP AUTOFOCUS USB, Camera + Back Focus Knob, GXCapture-O Software

£299.00 *
SRP £699.00
In stock

ex demo Digital Eyepiece Camera 5MP for Eyepiece Tubes

5M digital eyepiece camera to fit Microscope eyepiece tubes. Simple to use and fits most microscopes. Allows image capture. EX demo New price £239 Full Warranty

£169.00 *
SRP £239.00
In stock

MC280B digital microscope eyepiece camera

Digital microscope eyepiece camera for recording high quality video directly into a PC, Laptop or Mac 

£112.99 *
In stock

MC280A video analogue live camera

Analogue video eyepiece camera with 640x480 resolution 

£102.99 *
In stock

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