Cameras for Microscopes with Camera Ports

GXCAM is a dedicated system for capturing superb images and video via the trinocular head of a microscope. 

GX microscopes come complete with a c-mount attachment for GXCAM cameras but these cameras are also fully compatible with other microscope manufacturers including Leica, Zeiss and Meiji.

In addition to the camera a C-Mount specific to these microscopes is needed to attach the GXCAM to the microscope.

With all software included the GXCAM is the quickest and simplest way of getting stunning images and video via your microscope. 


ScopePad is a new and exciting way of viewing and capturing images by using a 9.7" high resolution tablet and a microscope. The built in 5mp camera is perfect for capturing images and video as well as annotating them and using measurement tools via the included software. 

For drivers and GX capture software please click here 

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GX Cam HiChrome Lite

£899.00 *
SRP £966.00
In stock

GX Cam HiChrome Lite with screen


£1,105.00 *
In stock

GX Cam HiChrome Met Camera

£1,669.00 *
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GXM ScopePad 500

£1,140.00 *
SRP £1,740.00
In stock

GXCAM HICHROME-HR4 HDMI/SD/WiFI/GigE 4K Premium Camera Series

4K microscope camera with 60fps refresh rate

£1,962.00 *
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Camera Port Adapter

GXM Microscope Camera Port Adapter - Converts Camera Port to Eyepiece Tube.  Suitable for use with all trinocular headed GXM L series mcroscopes, Ultrazoom3 and UltraBio 5

£32.95 *
SRP £35.00
In stock

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