One Stop Top Binoculars

Welcome to One Stop Top Binoculars. On this page Richard, owner of The One Stop Nature Shop, and Oli reveal the best binoculars in each category at The One Stop Nature Shop . 

All the prices are accurate at time of publication.


£100-£200 - Co-Pro 8x42 - £139 

Richard says: "A fabulous all rounder. Lightweight, compact but crucially a fabulous binocular for glasses wearers or those that may struggle using other binoculars. A real must try"

Top All rounder entry binocular excellent for those who wear binoculars   Click_here_to_read_more

£200-£300 - Viking Kestrel ED 8x42 - £219.95

Oli says: "The entry point to ED glass binoculars. Crisp image combined with a really well built binocular"

                   kestrel_8x42                           Click_here_to_read_more

£300-£400 - Hawke Frontier ED X 8x32 - £339

Richard says: "If you want the best 8x32 at this price then this is it. Great optical quality backed up by Hawke's oustanding warranty."

                       Vortex Binocular top selling                               Click_here_to_read_more

£400-£500 - Vortex Viper HD 8x42 - £499

Richard says: "The unlimited lifetime warranty alone makes these a must have. Combine this with sharp, crisp optics and a rugged build quality and this binocular is a winner"

                New_Viper_8x42 popular binocular                         Click_here_to_read_more

£500-£600 - Opticron DBA VHD + 8x42 - £579

Richard says: "A lightweight, open bridge design combined with Japanese build quality and a 30 year warranty. The superb sharpness is an added bonus"

              Screenshot_2020-09-12_at_14.50.32                            Click_here_to_read_more


Best binocular for travel & safari - Kite Lynx HD+ 8x30 - £519

Oli says: "A really special binocular which builds on the success of the previous model. Its lightweight, has a huge field of view and edge to edge sharpness which make it a real winner."

                excellent for safari black Kite binocular                             Click_here_to_read_more

Best sub £200 compact - Viking Ventura 8x25 - £149.95

Oli says: "Well made and super lightweight with crisp optics. A great allround compact."

                            Ventura_2 small compact foldable for pockets                                       Click_here_to_read_more


Best compact over £200 - Opticron Traveller BGA 8x24 - £229

Richard says: "Hard to find a truly Japanese made compact at this price, especially one with great optics."

                 OpticronTravellerBGA8x24Binoculars2_2 Japanese built compact binocular                                     Click_here_to_read_more


Best for children - Acri 5x21 - £59

Oli says: "A lovely little porro prism binocular which is also fantastic for kids to use."

                            acri_2 perfect binocular  for children                                     Click_here_to_read_more


Best for low light - Hawke Endurance ED 10x50 - £249.99

Richard says: "The huge objectives allow so much light in and this makes these a fabulous binocular for low light work."

                         Hawke_Binocular_Endurance_50mm_Green best for low light and dimpsey conditions                                  Click_here_to_read_more