East Coast Optics Spoonbill ED 8×42 Binoculars Review

East Coast Optics Spoonbill ED 8x42 binoculars

Review Date – May 2024
Price as reviewed –
Our price £429 (RRP –  £429) 

As East Coast Optics is our own brand we thought it best to ask for an external, independent review so that it is fair and unbiased. 
So we asked Danika Twill, a keen bird watcher and someone who is passionate about nature, to write us a review of our fabulous Spoonbill ED binoculars.

The ECO Spoonbill 8×42 binoculars have been an amazing set to have as someone who is a beginner birder. I haven’t had much prior experience with binoculars – other than the old pairs my parents would keep around the kitchen windows when we would spot something in our garden.

I began birding when I moved to the United Kingdom and met my partner. He loves to spot birds and get a better look at which species he sees. I often would annoy him by asking if I can have a look – then we would have to do the dreaded passing of his binoculars, etc.

Most of these exchanges usually ended in me not being able to see the bird in time. Soon it was decided that I needed my own pair so we could both enjoy our time in wildlife.

After travelling back to Canada to visit my family, I finally had my Spoonbills and put them to the test. I was astounded at the image quality; really sharp and clear.

At first my only targets were the common surrounding birds like Grackles, Chickadees and the infamous Blue Jay. Soon I was able to find some harder and more rare species including the Scarlet Tanager, Great Crested Flycatcher, Purple Martin and Tree Swallows to name a few.

The Spoonbills have been great first pair of binoculars. They provide an incredible image, and have a fantastic ergonomic feel when holding.

Another great thing about these binoculars is that they are comfortable. When walking through fields, woodlands or wherever we happen to catch sight of a bird, the last thing I want is discomfort.

The strap is cushioned around the neck to avoid irritation, and the weight of the binoculars is never an issue.

I would recommend the ECO Spoonbill 8×42 binoculars to any person who may be looking for a new pair – whether they are experienced using binoculars, or someone getting into a new hobby.

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