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Hedgehog Home with Camera

This Hedgehog Box has a mini CCD camera already installed for you. The hedgehog camera will produce colour images only if there is enough daylight coming through the entrance tunnel, this type of habitat is usually placed in and around foliage so clear black and white (Infrared) images will likely be received most of the time due to naturally low light level conditions. The hedgehog box camera includes a highly sensitive microphone so you can hear as well as see what's going on inside the hog box. 
The hedgehog house camera kit is very easy to set up straight to your TV, we include full instructions plus hog habitat hints and tips to help increase your chances of successful hedgehog nesting. If you wish to connect the hedgehog camera to a PC/Laptop or MAC you will find a range of optional accessories when you click on the `Buy' button.

The Hedgehog Box

You can help the hedgehogs in your garden by providing a safe home for them over the winter months.This hedgehog nesting box is manufactured from exterior marine ply, it was primarily designed and tested by the Hedgehog Preservation Society. The final nest design has also been approved by Dr. Pat Morris of London University who also contributed to its development.

The Camera

This CCD High Resolution 420 TVL (TV Line) Camera has been designed specifically for use with camera boxes and bird feeder camera kits. This hedgehog box camera has a light sensor that switches the x10 infrared night vision LEDs on/off supplementing loss of natural light levels with an invisible IR (infrared). The hedgehog box camera only produces colour images if there is enough natural light getting into the box (depending on positioning) and/or black and white images in low or even no light levels. The camera also houses a highly sensitive microphone so you can hear as well as see what's going on inside the hedgehog box. This camera has a 3.6mm lens which produces a 92 degree viewing angle. The lens will have been pre-focused to the correct position but it can very easily be adjusted to suit alternative applications if required. 

The Rest of the System

A professional x3 core cable (Audio/Video/12vDC) is already connected to the camera in the hedgehog box, the other end of the cable needs to be routed into your property. The cable plugs are black, yellow and white. The black is for mains power and connects to the (supplied)12V DC power adaptor / plug. The remaining RCA yellow (video) and white (audio) connectors can either plug into a spare AV/AUX socket on your TV, / DVD recorder, or a spare TV scart input using the (supplied) scart adaptor. Switch on at the mains plug, then select the appropriate AV channel on your TV, sit back and wait for the show to start! All very easy but if you need any help we are just a phone call away.. 

 Hedgehog box camera kit Contains:

  • High quality Marine Ply Hedgehog Home 
  • High resolution CCD camera with built in IR (Infrared) for viewing 24 hours a day
  • Integral microphone to hear as well as see what's going on inside the Hog Box
  • User adjustable focus lens. Pre-set.
  • Weatherproof cable: Select Cable Length (above) 
  • 12v Regulated Mains adaptor
  • Scart Adapter
  • Instruction sheet full of useful tips to help maximise the chances of Hedgehogs using the Hog Habitat


Select the desired cable length then click on the `Buy' button, you will then be offered optional accessories such as PC / MAC USB connection, Extension CablesHDMI connection and much more... 


Hedgehogs in the Garden

The hedgehog is known as ‘the gardener’s friend’ as it will eat slugs, beetles, caterpillars etc., and does no harm, so if you have a garden a hedgehog is to be encouraged. They should not be kept in close captivity, but regarded as welcome visitors.
If you want to attract wildlife to your garden leave wild areas and avoid tidying up too much. Hedgehogs tend to hibernate between November and mid March and may choose the stack of leaves or branches in your garden. For this reason if you have to get rid of such material move it to a different spot before setting fire to it - a hedgehog may be sheltering or hibernating in it. They like to nest under things such as sheds, hedges and brushwood and they need plenty of dry leaves to build their nest.

Why have a hedgehog House?

25% of hedgehogs do not survive from one year to the next due to many things like road kill, bonfires, slug pellets, poisonous pesticides and late born hoglets not reaching the minimum 600g safe winter weight.  So please help to provide a safer nesting environment.
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