Fat Ball and Suet Feeders

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Recycled Fat Ball Feeder

100% recycled fat ball feeder with 3 ball capacity

£2.99 *
In stock

Metal 4 Ball Capacity Fat Ball Feeder

Sturdy and secure 4 capacity fat ball feeder

£3.49 *
In stock

Wooden Peanut Butter Feeder

Attractive peanut butter feeder designed to hold whole jars of peanut butter for birds

£4.99 *
In stock

Plastic Suet Pellet and Mealworm Feeder

Adjustable suet pellet and mealworm feeder - perfect for Robins!

£6.99 *
In stock

Metal Fat Ball Feeding Ring

High capacity durable fat ball feeding ring made of metal to ensure resistance to adverse weather conditons

£6.99 *
In stock

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