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Camera Traps

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New 2017 Bushnell Trophy Cam HD E3 Bundle

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New Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 20MP Bundle


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New Minox DTC 700 Bundle

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Minox DTC 1100 GSM 4G Trail Camera

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New Hawke Nature Camera 10MP

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New Hawke Nature Camera 12MP

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New Hawke Nature Camera 14MP

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Bushnell Camera Tree Bracket

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Python Mini Cable Lock

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GP ReCyko+ U411 USB charger

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Trap cameras, Trail Cameras, Trigger Cameras or Trophy Cams, whatever they are called they all use the same principle -  to record pictures, stills or video, when an animal walks past the camera's sensor. In daylight the pictures will be colour and at night, via infra-red the pictures will be recorded in black and white.


The digital cameras are housed within a waterproof enclosure. They use a passive infrared sensor to detect movement, typically within a monitoring range of up to  about 25m. This will trigger the camera to capture still images or videos which are saved onto an internal SD card. The infrared LEDs allow the camera to take images during the night or in low light situations. Night-time images/videos are recorded in black and white whilst daytime footage is in full colour.

The cameras have an internal compartment where the SD card and batteries are located, in addition to a  text LCD screen and series of buttons which allow the camera settings to be changed. Some cameras also have a playback facility on the LED screen, these tend to be the more expensive cameras.

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All images are caught onto the SD card which can be viewed on your laptop, PC, MAC or TV or with some models of Trail Cam directly through the viewer within the Trail Cam.

Many recent wildlife programmes like Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Land of the Lost Tiger have featured these Trail Cams.

The clip below features wildlife film maker Gordon Buchanan using the Trophy Camera and reviewing photos from the original Bushnell Trophy Cam from 2011.