Short-eared Owls - A winter marvel (by Oliver R...

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Short-eared Owls - A winter marvel (by Oliver Reville)

Short-eared Owls - A winter marvel (by Oliver Reville)

Another bird to look out for in Norfolk during the winter months is the graceful and striking Short-eared Owl. These owls migrate to Norfolk from Scandinavia in the Autumn and spend the winter here on our coast before leaving again in the Spring to breed. 

They can be tricky to find at times, making discovering a hunting bird even more rewarding and memorable. Their long winged, bat like flight is unmistakable and their large yellow eyes give a piercing stare. 

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A larger owl than Barn Owl due to the length of the wings. Both sexes have black eye masks which increase the brightness of the large yellow eyes. The wings are coursely patterned above but generally pale below with black tips. The body is also pale below with slight streaking nearer the neck and face. On occasion they will raise short ear tufts which can be tricky to see. 

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