Bluethroat getting some colour (by Richard Camp...

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Bluethroat getting some colour (by Richard Campey)

Bluethroat getting some colour (by Richard Campey)

The long staying Red-spotted Bluethroat just over the border in Lincolnshire is still present on the 11th and it's throat pattern is getting more colourful by the week. The feathers are abrading to reveal the stunning pattern that adult birds display. These birds are usually seen on passage in May and early June (the 'white-spotted' bluethroat passes through slightly earlier in spring - in late March and April), and again in August to October, so to have a bird here at this time of the year is really very unusual.

Incredibly approachable this bird has been delighting hundreds of birdwatchers and photographers who have visited Willow Tree Fen near Spalding, a Lincolnshite Wildlife Trust reserve. Richard Campey visited the site a couple of days ago and reports the bird being incredibly confiding showing down to just a couple of meters and at times could be heard singing in the reeds. A truely great experience. Quite how long it will stay before heading back north to breed is anyone's guess, but the longer it stays the more striking it will look.

Bluethroats are a declining spring and autumn migrant.



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