Bearded Tits getting showy (by Richard Campey)

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Bearded Tits getting showy (by Richard Campey)

Bearded Tits getting showy (by Richard Campey)

With these calmer conditions mid month, it's an excellent time to look for Bearded Tits. Favourite sites for good close up views are Titchwell RSPB reserve and Cley Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserve. Very active and mostly down in the reedbed they will occasionally shuffle theur way up the reeds to sit a top before flying off to another set of reeds to do it all again. They seem do do this more frequently on calm days so now is a great time to try to see and photograph these colourful birds.

It is estimated there are 630 pairs breeding in the UK. 

Despite some similarities - and its name - scientists have decided it is not actually related to the tit family, Paridae (which includes blue, great and crested tits). It was removed from the tit family and placed in Paradoxornithidae, the parrotbills, before further research revealed it belonged alone in its own family, Panuridae.




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