Events Walks and Trips

Events Walks and Trips



Saturday 17th June 10am-5pm 

Free Parking & Free entry - refreshments available


Your unique opportunity to view, compare & try the major brands of
in one place! 


Meet the experts and see the very latest in microscope technology 

Leading brands on show from Leica, Olympus, Nikon, Meiji & GT Vision

Latest in digital imagery for your own microscope

Evaluate and choose the best camera system for the job

Lighting options on display from ringlights to lamphouses

Real time image stitching & novel autofocus cameras for microscopy

See what surgeons use - operating microscopes - ideal outside the operating theatre too!

1st class stereo microscopes with through-lens illumination, long working distances & superb, balanced long reach arms

Extensive range of portable optical and digital microscopes 

State of the art public display microscopes

Why not try a monozoom microscope - why do industry like them so much?




Wednesday Walks for beginners on The North Norfolk Coast

Our 2017 Summer walks will begin on Wednesday 3 May 5pm from the shop

then one the first wednesday of each month till September

- a gentle walk along the sea bank at Deepdale marsh for approx. one hour £5 per person

If you require alternative dates for a beginners walk of four or more people please call us on 01485 211223

Here are a few highlights of some of the birds seen last year that we hope to see again on our walks during 2017 




The One Stop Nature Shop "first flight" trips abroad


Our "first flight" trips visit several destinations abroad. These trips are designed especially for beginners interested in birdwatching who wish to travel to Europe. The pace is leisurely and the atmosphere fun, no racing around to get a big list, rather a relaxed visit to some of Europe's best birdwatching destinations. All trips are currently led by Richard Campey owner of The One Stop Nature Shop. Participants make their own travel arrangements from the programme supplied by us but are led and looked after by Richard.

Current destinations are listed below. Please phone the shop 01485 211223 to request an information pack or discuss the trip.


Western Poland: a choice of two accommodations, one in the Hotel Hubertus at Slonsk or staying

in The One Stop Nature Shop's own house in the small village of Gluchowo.

Andujar Spain Andalusia: in search of Iberean Lynx

Gavarnie French Pyrenees: emphasis on mountain birds